About Agape

We received the vision of Isaiah 60:1 and established Agape Group Inc. in the winter of 2018, in order to fulfils our Father's will and spread the words of God. Through the establishment of a prophetic art platform, the gospel truth is proclaimed, the culture of heaven is shined, the heavenly language is released, and the blessings of prophetic and enlightenment are declared, thereby creating better life, transforming our environment, and connecting the world.

Agape connects Christian artists around the globe to create a prophetic culture and art platform. The purpose of this community is to create, communicate, deliver blessings, and preach the gospel of Christ. Our platform transcend language and cultural restrictions through the art of Christ. Enter the stream of the Holy Spirit, enjoy and share the love of the Lord Jesus Christ (Agape) and pass it to every corner of the world. Through the power of new technologies, we hope to unite all Christians around there world and expand the Kingdom of God. Twenty-five percent of the company's profits will be fully donated to do God's work.

Because Jesus is the way, the truth, the life! The culture of Christ is eternal, rich, and profound, and the gospel should be widely spread. The knowledge of the glory of the Lord is to be filled with the earth, as if the oceans are filled with water.

Our Core Value

Prophetic Art Platform
Education - Arts Communication - Retail
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Prophetic Arts - Gospel - Networking
God's Work
Charity - Funding - Benefit Churches